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July 20

June 20


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Fishing Reports

 July 20 ...a customer from the frozen North pulls out an obscure piece of plastic and proceeds to catch bass after bass, putting a whipping on the other non-believing anglers in the boat.

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Whether it's fishing, sight-seeing or even bird watching, it's all available and waiting for you. We have the best  fishing guides on the lake here in the city of Okeechobee, not to mention the nicest most modern airboats to take you on a thrilling ride through Okeechobee's massive expanse of marshland.

Jun 20 ..."match the hatch" with a double willow leaf spinner bait fitted with chrome blades and a white skirt. This bait fish imitating bait will draw vicious strikes from bass that are roaming around in the Kissimmee grass and the outer edges of the cover...Pan fishing has been very good ...either a fly rod and teeny popper, or a cricket impaled on a hook under a tiny bobber, they both produce terrific results.  
Feb 15 The North Shore is holding a large number of bass, many of them are in the sparse cover areas that have just opened up from either cold weather or spraying by the WMD...Speck anglers are finding good numbers of large specks scattered along the grass lines along the North end of the lake,... jig anglers have greater success in the heavy cover areas probing small holes in and around the spikerush and hydrilla areas. 


Fay damaged trees and homes.


Canals and lake rose up!
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Spend some time around Lake Okeechobee.  If you're looking for a place to spend a few nights we have modern Inns or old school fish camps, you decide. When it comes to food you can get breakfast at 5am before your day of adventure or dine on steak,  barbecue or fish once the sun sets and you finally slow down. We are more than just a cow town, although the gentlemanly manners of the local ranchers influence a  life style you can't help but enjoy. Down home work ethic and friendly folks, maybe more than a destination, a place to settle for a great life.

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